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Camouflaged learning encourages discovery, understanding, application and analysis.


Increase traffic and engage visitors on- and offline to stay interested and loyal.


Engage your existing audiences, increase revenue, and visitor numbers.


Making business activities more informative, more fun.


Harness key consumer data into an accessible and fun game.

gamify your brand

1. Share your product’s key differentiators with us .

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3. Approve your bespoke gamify card packs for print.

4. We do it all – from concept to activation.


A unique twist on the much-loved top trumps® playing cards, gamify is a fun way to inform. Influence, inspire customers with this conversation starter.

It can be a promotional tool, an educational tool, a retention and repeat purchase tool.

Use gamify cards for engagement and lead conversion, unlock new revenues and boost loyalty, no matter the age or interest.

We do it all – from concept to activation

What is gamify?
gamify is a collectible playing card game uniquely dedicated to your content, product, or offerings. It is a powerful and lasting immersion in your content. Each card lists metrics that players compare with the aim of beating their opponent (it’s up to players as to what parameters they choose at the beginning of the game). The winner gains the opponents card(s) and the game continues until only one player holds all the cards.

Quick Response (QR) codes can link players to your online content to continue their discovery or even make a purchase.

How does gamify work?

It’s a compelling experience of comparison and competition that taps into a participant’s sense of fun. Users retain knowledge about your content, aiding customer retention. They’re packed full of fun metrics and information on your offerings.

gamify makes your content accessible
By gamifying your content, we immerse your customers into your content through play. It reaches almost anyone through its simplicity. gamify has at its heart, a great motivator; the desire to win. We take this ‘motivating factor’, apply it to your content, and the result is gamify.
gamify works for your offering
Consumers respond well to learning about your content this way. gamify cards are fun and educational, assisting with numeracy, strategic and tactical play¬ – building knowledge and reading skills. gamify helps people to see the real-world applications and benefits of your offering.
gamify adds business value
When people participate and engage with your content in gamify, they learn the best way to interact with your business, your products, your culture, and your brand. It offers the longevity of print with the accountability of digital ¬– as QR codes link to your online content.
gamify adds educational value

It builds concentration levels, encourages interactive play, aids memory and fact-finding skills and helps social skills – like sharing and taking turns. It’ll even get youngsters away from a screen to engage with their families, all whilst engaging with your content.

gamify can create a revenue stream

gamify can produce an income stream from fans, visitors, customers, and members whilst promoting your content. We have years of experience in developing this content and can manage the whole process for you.

gamify takes care of everything

You’re busy, right? But gamifying your content requires little or no effort on your behalf. From following your brand identity to creating the content, design, testing and distribution. We do it all.

Distribution service
We can distribute your bespoke gamify cards to our database of influencers, media, consumers, and fans. We can also ‘drop-ship’ your cards on your behalf, or we can offer fulfilment services to your database of clients, along with your campaign collateral.

We do it all!

We research information then we gamify content to create a compelling game. We write, test, design, print and have it delivered to you – or distribute on your behalf.

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