Games can stimulate positive emotions in players, which in turn aids the learning process. gamify cards provide different ‘levels’ of engagement to stimulate different types of learners.

The benefits of gamify cards in education
• Educational curriculum aligned
• Takes concepts from recall to comprehension to application to synthesis to evaluation
• Caters to different types of learners and learning styles
• Familiar format to many young people and adults

Multiple ways to use gamify cards
• Organisation – teachers can use cards as a framework for greater information acquisition
• Application – gamify cards can be used by groups or individual students
• Ordering – to get students to organise themselves according to the data on their card
• Learning – ideas for more in-depth activities
• Smaller groups with multiple packs – ideas for activities when you have more than one card per pupil

Each card pack focuses on a particular topic and helps the learner by through the varied levels of engagement. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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